Monday, 14 November 2016

Small Talk (plus discount code)

Sustainable Smalls:

Underwear can pose a bit of a problem when it comes to dressing more sustainably. We are quite demanding of our smalls (we want them smooth but supportive, invisible but opaque, cool but warm...). And, a cursory glance about any lingerie department in a large shop will show you a huge range of styles, because our tastes are so individual.

Bras pose a bit more of a problem, as the fit is so personal, and us women vary so widely in terms of our shape. However, I've taken a peek at some sustainable pants and put together a small selection to get you started, hope you like them! 

N.B. there are no pictures of my actual tried and tested pants! 

Merino Wool:

Yes really. If you haven't caught up with my craze for everything merino then see here- I'm a convert!  

And, I do now own merino pants. Merino is light and temperature regulating, moisture wicking, anti-smell, sustainable, completely biodegradable, and contrary to what you might expect it is also smooth, comfortable, and easy to care for. 

Cornish brand Finisterre make nice-looking woolly pants, or you could try Icebreaker, although reviews are mixed for their pants. Mons Royale make pretty longer-leg pants too. 

sustainable merino underwear
Merino Wool Tank Top from Finisterre, which matches their undies.


Silk is also entirely natural, breathable, and biodegradable. Traditionally a luxury fabric, it is strong and light, and temperature regulating. 

Greenfibres sell a range of undies made from organic silk jersey, which looks supremely comfortable, (unlike some silk undies made from woven fabrics which can feel a bit papery).You can use code PIXIE10 for a discount at Greenfibres.  


I have some of these undies from No Balls. They are the most comfortable pants ever! Completely seamless, they are soft and stretchy, and they fit really well. They are £11 a pair, or cheaper if you can find what you need in the clearance section. They also make a boy short

Other suppliers of bamboo undies include BAM.

organic cotton underwear
Organic Cotton Stripes from Seasalt. Their pants are designed in the same vein. 

Organic Cotton:

Seasalt Cornwall make pretty organic cotton pants, including their signature sailor stripe. Watch out for Mighty Good Undies too who have a good range of styles available soon, and again Greenfibres who also stock a pretty range of pants (again don't forget to use code PIXIE10). 

Enjoy shopping for sustainable underwear, and if you have any favourites that I haven't mentioned then do let me know :-)